River Recreation

Keokuk Yacht Club

Situated just north of Lock & Dam 19, the Keokuk Yacht Club provides for all your boating and entertainment needs. Pull up at our dock for fuel or refreshments and make new friends. The club features many social events throughout the year.

Old Bridge Observation Deck

With completion of the new Keokuk-Hamilton bridge in 1985, the Keokuk side of the old bridge was converted into an observation deck. Enjoy a stroll or picnic, check out the wonderful river views or get an up close view of a barge locking through.

Southside Boat Club

The Southside Boat Club strives to provide the best services for its members, the boating community, area citizens, and all visitors who enter our doors and dock on our shores. Located south of Lock & Dam 19, everyone is welcome to stop by.

Lee County Conservation

Lee County is home to wildlife areas and parks that offer trails, historic sites, equestrian trails, camping, archery ranges, and more.

Lock and Dam 19

Following years of painstaking work and tens of thousands of laborers, Lock and Dam 19 was completed in 1913. At the time, it was the longest dam in the United States, with the largest capacity single powerhouse electricity generating plant in the world. In 2004, the facility (with its 7 buildings and 12 structures on over 1600 acres) was added to the National Register of Historic Places as the Lock & Dam 19 Historic District, one of two such districts in Keokuk. Today, the lock is owned by the Army Corps of Engineers while the dam is owned and operated by Ameren Missouri.

George M Verity

Built in Dubuque, Iowa by the US Government in 1927 to revive river transportation, the George M. Verity paddleboat was retired from service and donated to the city of Keokuk in 1961. Tours daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day.